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Machine certificates

Certificates for secure machine communication

Machine certificates are used to ensure secure communication between devices (so-called M2M communication). They create the foundation for trust in connected industry and on the Internet of Things.

They provide each workpiece and each machine with an unambiguous identity that they can use in the digital world to identify themselves to connected devices, persons and systems. This ensures that only authorized devices can access your data and that communication between the devices is secure.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Made in Germany – Certificate products from D-Trust, Bundesdruckerei's German Trust Services Provider

  • Clearly organized – Central management of the entire certificate stock

  • Automated – Automated provision and distribution of certificates via the Certificate Service Manager (CSM)

  • Secure – A high level of security thanks to the use of the latest signature algorithms

Product details

Machine certificates in use

Our certificates are produced in Germany according to the highest security standards. Machine certificates can only be purchased via the Certificate Service Manager (CSM), Bundesdruckerei's managed PKI platform, and not in the form of individual requests. Secure authentication and encryption on the Internet of Things: Using machine certificates, a smart meter, for instance, can authenticate itself to the public network and can communicate with the terminal device in an encrypted manner. Securing production environments and access by remote maintenance in Industry 4.0: Certificates like the Advanced Device ID ensure that remote production environments, for instance, are accessed via a public network through a secure channel. Secure authentication and communication for autonomous driving: Thanks to secured authentication of devices and encrypted communication between the vehicle and device, traffic lights and the vehicle, for instance, can interact without disruption.



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Frequently Asked Questions

In modern Industry 4.0 environments and the Internet of Things (IoT), machines are now connected and communicate with each other. This means that no company is an island when it comes to its business processes. Machine certificates with two different trust levels enable secure machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, so that devices can authenticate themselves and communicate with each other using encryption, not just within a company’s own infrastructure but also with its partners. Machine certificates are thus the basis for secure connections between processes and devices.

Yes, each device in a connected environment needs its own machine certificate so that each device can authenticate itself on a connection and communication is encrypted. Large companies usually require a large number of certificates. Bundesdruckerei's solutions for secure authentication of devices and processes in connected environments are not only characterized by high security and simple integration, they are also easy to use. That’s because machine certificates from Bundesdruckerei can only be obtained via its managed PKI platform, the Certificate Service Manager (CSM) where customers can manage and request certificates themselves.

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