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Digital signature services – legally secure and simple

Digital technologies are finding their way into many areas of life and into many sectors. This means that more and more electronic documents are becoming increasingly important for digital business processes. The fact that contracts and other documents are signed by hand is often still a problem when it comes to consistent digitization. At private companies and public authorities, digital signatures can be used easily, they are legally recognized and forge-proof. Without them, the digital future would be simply inconceivable.

In the digital world, the qualified electronic signature (QES) serves as an equivalent replacement for handwritten signatures. It enables citizens, companies and public authorities to sign electronic documents in a legally secure manner, for instance, contracts, offers or invoices, tax returns or court documents. The electronic signature creates the prerequisite for consistent digitization of work processes at organizations and institutions. Where once documents had to be printed out for signing and then scanned again, the electronic signature now enables entirely digital workflows, saving both time and money.

Electronic signatures with a high degree of legal validity can now also be conveniently triggered using a mobile phone or tablet. The so-called remote signature, which does not require a physical signature card or card reader, is a web-based signature service that offers even greater convenience. The components used to create the certificate are not stored on a card but in the secure IT environment of a qualified trust service provider.  

Why signature services need trust

In the digital world, we need to know for certain that a digital signature is in fact from the person who claims to have issued it. With a QES, the identity of the signer can be proven beyond doubt. The legal framework for the QES has been in place since 2016 when the EU’s eIDAS regulation (Electronic IDentification, Authentication and Trust Services) was introduced. Qualified trust service providers have a key role to play here, since only they are entitled to issue qualified certificates for electronic signatures, which are equivalent to handwritten signatures throughout the EU. D-Trust, the qualified trust service provider of the Bundesdruckerei Group, offers two solutions for digital signatures: the signature card in smart card form and the remote signature sign-me. Both signature services stand for outstanding data security while meeting the strict requirements of the eIDAS Regulation.

Signature services from D-Trust

As a qualified trust service provider according to eIDAS, our solutions stand for legally secure electronic signatures that excel through practicality and suitability for everyday use. In order to meet all of our customers’ requirements, we offer two signature service options: The qualified signature card and the remote signature sign-me. Find out which solution is best for you:

Signature cards sign-me remote signature
Price model Flat rate with one-off purchase Transaction-based (with quantity scale, if applicable)
Delivery By registered letter after order processing Fast online identification (video/eID identification), directly usable
Additional components Card reader and signature software No hardware required, connection via API or already integrated into common signature workflows
Security 2FA with a card and PIN 2FA with an app or smsTAN
Availability Usable offline Network availability for smsTAN or Internet availability for signature release via app
Optional features Multiple signing, organizational affiliation, occupational attribute Subscription for selected sectors e.g. eHealth Stack signature

Legally compliant signature services for natural persons

Recipients of an electronically signed document can rest assured that the document was signed by the sender and the contents have not been altered. 

Discover our legally compliant electronic signature services

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