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Security for tomorrow’s banking

Digitalization, statutory regulations, ePayments, risks to eBanking and the rapid pace of eCommerce growth are drawing the attention of both the public and the legislator to the issue of security in digital banking and payment transactions. Reliable digital identities are crucial for secure banking – both today and tomorrow.

D-Trust enables unambiguous identification of customers and citizens for public authorities, private companies and banks. Especially companies with digital business models, banks and tax authorities are frequently confronted with changing statutory requirements. The eFinance solutions of the companies of the D-Trust comply with statutory regulations and provide protection for sensitive data.

Solutions for your area of work

eFinance solutions for secure digitalization

With eFinance solutions from D-Trust, you can rest assured on one thing: the digital identities of all stakeholders. Nothing is possible here without digital data, services and digital information flows. That’s why reliable and legally compliant data protection is so important and that’s exactly what eFinance solutions from D-Trust deliver.

eBanking today: Simple, fast and secure

The products of D-Trust are synonymous for security and trust in eBanking. We achieve this with our expertise in ‘Secure ID’, and with our PSD2 certificates, we also help banks and fintechs to implement the latest PSD2 Directive. As one of Europe’s first-ever qualified trust service provider, we offer eIDAS-compliant live and test certificates for PSD2.

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