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Our service for the digital transformation in banking

Most banks are well on the way to digitalization. How far they go depends on the respective business model. What is certain, however, is that digital transformation offers huge opportunities for financial institutions. Customer needs can be better met and efficiency increased as costs decline. D-Trust is a reliable partner on the road towards digitalization.

Trust in digital banking services

Banking has always been based on trust – and even more so when it comes to new digital banking services. Data security has become a public issue and banks need to respond without losing their ability to innovate. Bundesdruckerei helps banks to traverse this digital tightrope – with legally secure solutions.

PSD2 certificates for banks

As one of Europe’s first-ever qualified trust service providers, T-TRUST offers eIDAS-compliant production and test certificates for PSD2.  The second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is setting in motion a revolution in electronic payments: Since mid-September 2019, banks in the EU must ensure that third-party providers can access their customer account data in live operation and they must provide an interface (API) for this purpose. This interface is secured by qualified website certificates (QWACs). In return, third-party providers must register with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and will also need qualified production certificates or qualified seal (QSeal) certificates to access the bank account data.

D-Trust's products for banks 

Banks have in their possession an extensive database that in this digital age can open up completely new business areas for them. At the same time, financial institutions are confronted with ever new requirements, such as the PSD2 Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our experts can help you to stay on track by developing tailor-made, legally compliant solutions. At the same time, we can assist you as a reliable trust service provider. 

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