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AusweisIDent On-Site

Secure reading of ID card data

AusweisIDent On-Site, a service for reading data from the German ID card, can be used everywhere where ID data is needed for identification. This service ensures that the ID card data is read in a fast and secure process. This not only efficiently accelerates on-site identification, the errors that take place when data is entered manually are avoided and business processes become much faster. 

Your advantages at a glance

  • Efficient – Customer data is electronically read at the point of sale

  • Simple – Easy integration of the service thanks to standardized interfaces

  • Reliable – Thanks to electronic reading

  • Secure – High level of trust, legally compliant and certified

Product details

Secure electronic reading of ID card data

For more than 500 million business transactions that take place each year, companies and organizations need to capture customer ID data at the so-called point of sale, especially when it comes to new customers. When entering into a contract, staff on site usually copy the customer's ID card and then enter this data manually into the computer system. But this can lead to errors and slow down the identification process.

Automated optical recognition using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is often unreliable, especially when it comes to the address labels used on German ID cards. The AusweisIDent On-Site solution enables data to be read from the ID card chip in an error-free, electronic process. 

Without an online ID function or PIN

The chip data can be read out from all valid ID cards, electronic residence permits and ID cards for EU citizens. It is not necessary to activate the online ID function, nor do customers need to know their secret PIN.

AusweisIDent On-Site as part of on-site identification

The service can be integrated into an existing procedure at companies, for instance, for on-site identification. One useful added benefit of this system is that the authenticity of the document itself is also checked because the system will detect any manipulation of the chip.

Fast and secure identification at test centers

One current example of the application at work is registration at COVID-19 test centers. With AusweisIDent On-Site, staff can transfer the citizen's ID data into the test center’s IT system in a matter of seconds.



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Frequently Asked Questions

AusweisIDent On-Site is interesting if you:

Offer a service where you wish to read out your customers’ ID data electronically at your office, for instance, to support an existing identification process and thus avoid manual transmission errors. This is usually useful when starting a new business relationship with a customer, for instance, when customers sign up to use your service.

AusweisIDent On-Site offers advantages for you as a service provider and for your customers:

With AusweisIDent On-Site, customer ID data can be read out quickly and without any errors.

This offers several advantages for you as a service provider:

  1. You can ensure high data quality, as the data in the ID card matches the data from the citizens’ registration authorities.
  2. You save time with existing on-site processes, now that data no longer has to be transferred by hand.
  3. You can avoid transmission errors by reading data out electronically.

With AusweisIDent OnSite, you can offer your customers the following:

  1. Faster handling of existing on-site processes
  2. Certainty that the correct data is transmitted

To read ID card data securely with AusweisIDent On-Site, you will need the following:

  • An NFC-enabled smart phone or card reader for the ID card at your office
  • AusweisApp on a PC or smartphone (if this is not integrated into your app)

To read ID card data securely with AusweisIDent On-Site, your customer will need the following:

  • A German ID card (even without the online ID function activated or knowledge of the PIN), OR
  • An electronic residence permit, OR a European Union citizen card

The sales consultant at your office will visually check the photograph on the customer’s ID card. A readout request is then generated and sent to AusweisIDent via your customer system. The ID card is held up to the sales consultant’s tablet/smartphone, which acts as a card reader via NFC. A USB card reader can also be used. The Card Access Number (CAN) is then entered or optically read, legitimizing the reading process. AusweisIDent performs the read-out process and makes the data read out available via the interface. Your server takes the ID data from the interface and stores it in the system. The data is displayed to the sales consultant in the web form in your application. The readout also works without a secret PIN and with the online ID function deactivated. Transmission errors are minimized now that the data is electronically read out.

In addition to AusweisIDent Online and On-Site, D-Trust also offers you as a service provider or identification service provider the option of connecting to the eID Service.

Service providers are defined as companies that enable their customers to use the online ID card to conduct business matters. Identification service providers are companies that provide a case-by-case identification service to a third party using the online ID function.

If you want to become a service provider or identification service provider in the sense of the German Identity Card Act (Personalausweisgesetz), you will need an authorization certificate. This makes the onboarding process more complicated.

A step-by-step guide on how to become a service provider can be found here.

A step-by-step guide on how to become an identification service provider can be found here.

You do not need an authorization certificate to use AusweisIDent, because D‑Trust holds the required authorization certificates for the AusweisIDent service. This makes the onboarding process easier.

In addition, AusweisIDent is the less expensive option for identification procedures, as it offers different pricing models and transaction-based billing.

The user experience for end users is always the same. The only difference is that the systems are connected at different interfaces. AusweisIDent is integrated into your service via an OpenID Connect interface (open web standard based on OAuth2), whereas the eID Service is connected via a SOAP/SAML interface.

The data must be read in compliance with the requirements of section 18a of the German Identity Card Act (PAuswG, Personalausweisgesetz) and must take place with the persons involved present and the ID card photo must be compared with the person present. Self-reading, i.e., at a vending machine, is not permitted. What’s more, all of the devices used to read data must be under your control.

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