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Digital processes for public authorities

A digital administration is an important part of the economic success of a region or country: When choosing a location for their business, companies take into account the efficiency, precision and speed of procedures by public authorities. Citizens too increasingly want to benefit from simpler administrative processes. 

Efficient administration in the age of digitalization

Trips to public authorities are now considered to be a thing of the past. Even more important, however, is the contribution that eGovernment is making to ensure smooth, reliable and, above all, cost-efficient administration. This is where D-Trust provides security. D-Trust enables secure, efficient and digital administration on all levels of government – from the secure identification of citizens at public agencies right through to exchanging electronic documents between public authorities. Our solutions provide reliable, seamless interfaces between public authorities, companies and citizens. With secure identities and data management, we create trust in the digital world.

eGovernment: Online government services

Public administration is designed to serve the people and this involves moving with the times. For the majority of companies and people, it is completely normal to conduct their communications and financial transactions online and in digital form. This is why there is such great demand for digital administration services that can be used intuitively. eGovernment facilitates this. 


eGovernment as a location advantage

Efficient, digital administration is a real financial advantage for many companies. It accelerates procedures, reduces personnel expenses and provides certainty for planning, for instance, when administrative acts are handled faster. Bundesdruckerei's solutions simplify public authority procedures, helping to keep Germany competitive on a global scale as a location for business. Our products and services ‘Made in Germany’ are firmly rooted in the reliable and lawful identification of individuals, objects and institutions.  

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