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Telematics infrastructure for a digital healthcare system

Digital prescriptions, fast data exchange between attending doctors, telemedicine, medical care in rural areas and much more: Germany’s health sector is now benefiting from the advancement of digitalization. The basis for this is the secure connection of all stakeholders.

Secure access to the telematics infrastructure

The telematics infrastructure (TI) digitally connects all stakeholders in the statutory health insurance system. Doctors, dentists, psychotherapists, pharmacists and members of other health care professions as well as unlicensed healthcare professions can securely exchange patient data across sectors and systems. The TI enables rapid communication between all stakeholders in the healthcare system, reduces costs in the medium and long term and leads to a more efficient supply of treatment for patients across disciplinary boundaries. 

Trust is everything! To protect sensitive patient data from misuse or manipulation, only registered users can access the TI, which is set up much like a closed network. Communication between users is encrypted. This requires an SMC-B card for medical practices and institutions as well as an eHPC card (electronic Health Professional Card). Patients can now rest assured that their data will only be used by people and institutions who are actually authorized to do so.

How we are enhancing the telematics infrastructure

The TI provides a secure foundation for the digitalization of healthcare. In order to make the advantages of this development available to all patients, D‑Trust is working on a variety of solutions to bring life to the possibilities offered by the TI, both now and in the near future. Here you can find a comparative overview of the latest TI products and services:

eHPC SMC-B sign-me eHealth
Suitable for: Service providers in the German healthcare system Institutions in the German healthcare system All healthcare workers
Qualified electronic signature Yes No Yes
Use of the online ID function Yes Yes No
Suitable for:
ePrescription Yes No No
electronic sick note Yes No No
eID card Yes No No
KIM Yes Yes No
Doctor’s letter Yes No Yes
Invoicing Yes No ja
ID card Yes No No
Identification necessary Yes No Yes

TI products from D‑Trust

As a trust service provider, D‑Trust produces SMC-B cards for practices and institutions as well as eHPC cards for health professionals. These cards are issued on behalf of the responsible issuers (state chambers and statutory health insurance schemes) and enable access to the TI. In addition to the eHPC, D-Trust offers eIDAS-compliant digital signatures with sign‑me eHealth for all online transactions with legally binding electronic signatures.

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