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Digitalization in the health sector

Digital technologies in the health sector have transformed the requirements for handling patient data. This data must now be made available to all stakeholders quickly and in a decentralized and secure form that complies with data protection requirements. The telematics infrastructure enables patient data to be electronically processed, securely protected and transmitted while also supporting the necessary treatment processes.  To master these requirements, D-Trust offers practical eHealth solutions for hospitals, pharmacies, doctors and psychotherapists.   

Products for eHealth

Reliable identification in the health sector 

D-Trust pursues the goal of making the possibilities of digitization securely accessible for the entire healthcare system. Efficiency, security of supply and quality of medical services can be increased. Participation in the telematics infrastructure (TI) is mandatory for doctors, dentists, hospitals and pharmacies. D-Trust offers the essential access components to the digital health network. In this way, all those involved can securely authenticate themselves with a clear identity of the respective practice or institution. When digital data is exchanged, trust is important – not only in private life, but also for companies, institutions and authorities in eHealth.    

Certainty in eHealth

Ensuring the security of patient information has always been a top priority in the health sector. With the onset of digitalization, this has become even more relevant. Patients must be able to trust that their health data will be protected at all times. D-Trust is committed to this and develops eHealth solutions that boast outstanding security. 

Solutions for eHealth

Digital solutions for patients and staff in the health sector

eHealth offers a wealth of opportunities. But this can only be achieved when all stakeholders can benefit from these opportunities in a simple and secure manner. That’s why D-Trust develop solutions that are tailored to the different needs of medical practices, hospitals, pharmacies, psychotherapists and patients. 

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