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How to set the course for the digital future of your practice

Digital applications and solutions in medical and dental practices save time, create greater flexibility and optimize costs. Fast access to patient data and digital communications with patients and colleagues make everyday work easier in the healthcare industry, but must meet with applicable data protection and IT security requirements. Bundesdruckerei offers doctors, dentists and psychotherapists digital solutions in the eHealth sector so that electronic applications based on this can be used in future to improve patient care.

Is your practice already connected to the telematics infrastructure?

The telematics infrastructure (TI) connects all players in the healthcare sector with a view to statutory health insurance. The TI enables doctors, dentists, psychotherapists, pharmacists and members of other healthcare professions to exchange digital information across sectors and systems in a secure manner. Only registered users can access the telematics infrastructure using a connector and a card terminal. The SMC-B card is used to reliably identify medical practices or institutions while the electronic health professional card (eHPC) is used to identify individuals. We produce these cards in co-operation with our subsidiary D-TRUST, a trust service provider. These cards also provide direct access to the electronic medication plan, to data management for verification of the safety of prescribed medicines, the electronic case file or the emergency data stored. This fast access to information helps to ensure precise and fast diagnosis without any missing information. Communication is encrypted to protect sensitive patient data.


Digital signatures with sign-me eHealth

Data protection, IT security and mountains of paper are a never-ending topic of discussion for medical practices, not to mention the TI. With sign-me eHealth, you can already benefit from the remotely triggered qualified signature today. In addition to the eHPC, D-TRUST offers eIDAS-compliant digital signatures with sign‑me eHealth for all online transactions – without the need for any additional hardware or software.

How secure is the digital infrastructure of your medical practice?

The encryption and security of health data pose enormous challenges for many medical practices. Data protection regulations and other legal requirements are very extensive and experts are often needed to implement these regulations and requirements in a legally compliant manner. Nevertheless, it makes sense to invest in digital applications, as they significantly simplify everyday work in medical practices, from electronic communications and data storage to public presentation. Bundesdruckerei is a reliable partner and can support you with solutions and products tailored to your specific needs. 

How effective are workflows and processes in your practice?

The greatest benefit from the digital transformation of medical practices is the optimization of workflows in the exchange between practice, patients and statutory health insurance companies. Communications between attending physicians and other medical institutions are still largely paper-based. This means that treatment-relevant data, such as images, doctor's letters and findings data, is today rarely exchanged in electronic form. That being said, however, there is growing demand for digital services from doctors and dentists, for example, for an electronic patient file for all institutions. Efficient solutions for simple integration into practices are already available today.

The degree of digitalization has become an important criterion for patients when choosing a doctor. Even simple digital services, such as online contact or e-invoice, are perceived as helpful by patients. Bundesdruckerei’s products make workflows more effective. With sign-me, a digital remote signature, paper-based signature processes can be handled electronically throughout the EU – in a simple, convenient and legally compliant procedure. 

D-Trust’s products for your practice

Digitalization in healthcare is changing the way sensitive patient data is handled. Protected access must be decentralized for all authorized stakeholders and must comply with the GDPR. D-Trust offers practical, user-friendly and legally compliant products for medical and dental practices. Reliable authentication and identification of authorized persons and institutions enable secure use of digital services in the eHealth sector.

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