Certificate Service Manager

If you have any questions regarding your Certificate Service Manager, please have a look at our list of FAQs. Our support team will assist you if you need any further assistance.

The Onboarding Process

Forms of evidence and documents (including application documents) are submitted exclusively digitally by uploading them in the Certificate Service Manager (CSM). The size of the files that can be submitted is 8 MB each. Permitted formats are JPG/PDF/PNG.

Please be aware that a document type must be selected so that we can file the documents in the respective verification procedure. You can access the upload option via the tabs “Account Management” -> “Organisations” and finally via “Uploaded Documents”. There you will find the “Upload Documents” button, which you can use to submit the upload.

The “Power of attorney to authorise a professional representative for the certificate holder and acknowledgement of the declaration of commitment” must be signed by an authorised signatory of the underlying organisation. Additional operators can then be nominated and authorised by the technical representative. These documents do not need to be signed by the authorised signatory.

The form for confirming certificate attributes can also be signed by the technical representative of the authorised signatory.

The documents must always be signed manually by the authorised person (such as by the authorised signatory or technical representative, depending on the document). It is important that the signature be handwritten on the respective document. For example, it is not permitted to digitally insert a photo of a signature onto the document.

As an alternative, the signature can also be made using a qualified signature (QES). An advanced signature is not permissible.

In any case, the document must then be uploaded to the CSM.


The Validation Process

The validation steps differ depending on the legal form. The relevant organisational data is usually retrieved from the commercial register. This query for this is usually done by D-Trust GmbH. In individual cases, the submission of further evidence may be requested. If this is the case, D-Trust will contact you.

After these steps have been completed, a telephone validation is carried out with the authorised signatory of the respective organisation. The call is made by D-Trust to a central telephone number of the organisation (usually the head office). The call is then forwarded to the authorised signatory. It is not possible to call the authorised signatory by a direct extension; the contact must always be made through the head office.

Authorities also need to submit a sealed organisation chart. For D-Trust GmbH, only the part listing the authorised signatory is important. Please note that the seal (authority seal or, alternatively, the Q Seal ID) must be listed on the organisation chart. A separate document sealed by itself is not permitted.

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