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SM-B Institution Certificates

A practice or institution ID card that works without a card and arrives directly in the health care system: Medical institutions confirm their identity within the telematics infrastructure with the SM-B institution certificates – and do so exclusively virtually. The hardware-independent alternative to the SMC-B card therefore enables access to the electronic health card (EHC) as well.

Card-Free Authentication Innovation within Telematics Infrastructure

The SM-B institution certificates from D-Trust GmbH offer the first hardware-independent authentication option that health care institutions can use to identify themselves in the telematics infrastructure (TI). Up to now, the SMC-B card – also known as the practice or institution card – has been used for this. However, the SM-B institution certificates mean there is now a user-friendly alternative to the established solution.

This new solution offers health care providers a preview of TI 2.0 announced by gematik, which relies on digital identities and no longer uses connectors. The SM-B institution certificates make verifying identity and proof of origin much more convenient. To begin with, the new certificates are available for use by organisations in the health sector that are not service providers. These “SM-B ORG” can be used by health insurers, associations of panel doctors/dentists, TIM manufacturers and providers or medical associations. Nationwide application in hospitals and rehabilitation clinics is already being planned.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Hardware-independent – a strictly certificate product can be used online without additional hardware
  • User-friendly – simple and secure virtual access to telematics infrastructure
  • Future-proof – the institutional certificates are ready for TI 2.0
  • Immediately ready for use – fast application process via our eHealth application portal for a smooth transition

Verification without a Card With Many Benefits.

The basis for the SM-B institution certificates is secure access to the TI via a VPN connection. This enables health workers to authenticate their institution in the TI. In addition, you can also use the SM-B to electronically sign documents and data on behalf of the respective institution. This electronic signature serves as an institutional stamp and thus as proof of origin. 

Secure Encryption via CIM and EHC Access

Messages exchanged via Standard Communication in Medicine (CIM) can be encrypted and decrypted with the SM-B institution certificates. In addition, the new certificate solution also enables read access to the data on the electronic health card.

Path to SM-B Institution Certificates

You will need to follow the following steps if you also want to use the virtual SM-B institution certificates at your institution in future:

  • Order the SM-B via the eHealth application portal of D-Trust GmbH. To do this, specify an institution representative and a Key Manager or Consumer approved by gematik GmbH.
  • The application must be approved by gematik GmbH as the publisher of the SM-B solution.
  • After receiving it, you can activate your institutional certificates in the eHealth application portal of D-Trust GmbH.


Frequently Asked Questions

Certificates are applied for via the eHealth application portal of D-Trust GmbH. This is where you select a Key Manager (KM), also called a Consumer. This is a gematik-approved provider that protects the cryptographic keys of the SM-B institution certificates via a highly secure hardware security module (HSM) – against loss, damage and unauthorised access. Ultimately, the Key Manager ensures that you are able to use the relevant TI services.

When a certificate is applied for via the D-Trust eHealth application portal, the Key Manager receives an e-mail asking to have the Certificate Signing Requests (CSRs) sent to D-Trust. D-Trust GmbH checks the CSRs, and gematik GmbH – as the issuer of the SM-B ORG institution certificates – approves the application. This is followed by the SM-B institution certificates being issued. In a final step, the certificates are sent by e-mail to the Key Manager, who adds them to the hardware security module. The SM-B institution certificates are activated on the eHealth application portal of D-Trust GmbH by the applicant or the applicant’s representative.

D-Trust produces the SM-B institution certificates and sends them to the Key Manager, who then fills the hardware security module (HSM) with the institution certificates. The applicant or the applicant’s representative then activates the certificates. A separate PIN/PUK letter is not sent.

The SM-B institution certificates have the same validity period as the SMC-B institution certificates. Users can check how long the SM-B institution certificates remain valid in D-Trust’s eHealth application portal. To check this, it is necessary to log in using the process number and a password that may already have been assigned under

The validity can also be verified directly in the certificates. Contact the responsible Key Manager (KM) for this.

Do you have any questions about the SM-B institution certificate?

Our support team will be happy to help you. Feel free to contact us:

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