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TLS/SSL Certificates

Secure transmission of sensitive data

An TLS/SSL certificate assures the user that a real and trusted person or institution is behind an Internet presence. It warrants that the website operator has unambiguously proven its identity and that the sensitive data transmitted between the server and computer is encrypted. 

Your advantages at a glance

  • „Made in Germany“ – Certificate products from Bundesdruckerei's trust service provider

  • Secure – Outstanding security for sensitive data thanks to the use of the latest signature algorithms

  • Transparent – A transparent license model for all SSL certificate types

Product details

Depending on the specific security requirements, we supply website operators with the TLS/SSL certificates they need: from the basic version right through to certificates with the highest validation level. Our certificate products are based on standard protocols and use the latest cryptotechnology. We are also the first provider in the EU to supply so-called Qualified Website Authentication Certificates (QWACs) in line with the eIDAS Regulation.

PSD2-compliant with qualified website and seal certificates

The new second EU Payment Services Directive PSD2 requires that banks open access to their customer account data to third parties, such as fintechs, if customers give their consent. eIDAS-compliant Qualified Website Authentication Certificates (QWACs) will secure communication between third parties and banks in the future. The use of qualified electronic seals (QSeals) can be prescribed by banks in order to legally seal third-party inquiries and document their integrity.

Bundesdruckerei offers both PSD2 QWACs and PSD2 seal certificates for banks and third-party providers. The seal certificate is available both with or without a seal card.

Find out more about our PSD2 offer.

What TLS/SSL certificates can do

  • Encrypt sensitive data
  • Display the green address line in the browser
  • Increase user trust 
  • Prove the identity of a company
  • Improve ranking in search engines

What we offer

  • 20 years of experience on the market 
  • A request and verification process from a single source
  • Qualified trust services with the highest standards according to eIDAS
  • An information security management system accredited according to ISO 27001
Advanced DV SSL/TLS ID Advanced SSL/TLS ID Advanced EV SSL/TLS ID Qualified EV SSL/TLS ID Qualified Website PSD2 ID
Green address line in the browser x x
Compatible with all known browsers x x x x
Wildcard-Option, Secure of subdomains x x
Organization check x x x x
Compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation x x x x x
eIDAS-compliant x x
PSD2-compliant x



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • To order a D-Trust Qualified EV SSL ID certificate, send an e-mail to our sales unit:

  • For more information about PSD2 certificates and PSD2 cards, go to: Ordering.

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