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EPREL database: Creating more trust with a qualified seal

Learn how to upload your company data as sealed PDFs to the EPREL database and how qualified electronic seals ensure the authenticity of your data in our step-by-step video tutorial.

EPREL database: Creating more trust with a qualified seal

As of April 2024, there are new requirements for manufacturers of tyres and electrical appliances with energy labels. By October 22, 2024, they will be required to authorise their company data with a qualified electronic seal in the EPREL database. This database set up by the European Union in accordance with Regulation 1369/2017/EU collects, manages and publishes information on energy-related products. Since 1 January 2019, suppliers of appliances with energy labels have had to register them in the EPREL database.

The Implementing Act to the Ordinance of April 2024 defines a further requirement: “Qualified electronic seals” must be used to ensure the integrity and origin of company data. The electronic seal replaces the traditional company stamp in the digital space and thus provides guarantees for consumers that the data they are accessing is accurate. Are you already familiar with EPREL and seal cards? Then apply for your EPREL seal card now.

We explain the following points in the video:

  • What is EPREL and what has changed with the Implementing Act?
  • The importance of qualified electronic seals for EPREL registration
  • How a seal is used within the EPREL application
  • Requirements at workplaces for use of the seal card
  • How the organisation identifier is formed and read out for use for the EPREL database
  • Other areas of application for qualified electronic seals in addition to EPREL

The online seminar will be led by Annette Floren, Senior Account Manager at D-Trust GmbH, an expert in the field of digital security and trust services.

This video is made available via Bundesdruckerei's YouTube channel. More detailed information can be found in the Privacy Policy.

A spokesperson explains the recently disclosed statutory requirement for qualified electronic seals in EPREL applications. In this step-by-step guide, she provides a general overview of EPREL and seal cards in the initial chapters. Subsequently, she delves into crucial aspects such as additional equipment, reading the organization identifier, and the requisite steps for seal card application. This product is tailored for manufacturers of tires and devices with energy labels.


Have we answered all of your questions? Then apply for your EPREL seal card now!

How to get the seal for the EPREL database


  • Registration in the EPREL database: Since April 2024, manufacturers of tyres and electrical appliances with energy labels have had to store their company data in the EU application EPREL with a qualified seal. This process requires confirmation of the data with a seal card issued specifically in the name of the company. This ensures that the data is authentic and has not been manipulated. As such, the database serves as a trustworthy source of company data on energy-related products.
  • Use of a qualified electronic seal: The qualified electronic seal replaces the conventional company stamp in the digital world. It guarantees the authenticity of digital documents and is created on the basis of a certificate with specific organisational data. An important component of the seal is the “organisation identifier”, which must comply with the strict technical specifications and is embedded in the seal certificate.
  • How to obtain a seal card: D-Trust – the trust service provider of the Bundesdruckerei Group – recommends the use of a seal card for use of the EPREL database. This card meets all of the essential technical and formal requirements for the secure and legally binding sealing of documents in the EPREL database.
  • Applying for a seal card: You can order a seal card via the D-Trust portal. Any employees of the organisations who are authorised signatories are eligible to apply. The applicant must register with their personal email address. Personal identification, which can be done conveniently and quickly using eID and the PostIdent app, is required.The seal card is delivered to the specified address with the corresponding PIN letter. The seal card is ready for use as soon as you create your personal PIN.


Apply for your EPREL qualified seal card to implement the requirements of the EU regulation by October 22, 2024.

EPREL Seal Card
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Seal card 4.4 Standard for EPREL

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Factsheet EPREL

FAQ – frequently asked questions about the seal for the EPREL database

Here you will find answers to questions that our customers frequently ask us. You can order our seal cards in the D-Trust portal. This requires a one-off, personal registration. Questions and answers about the products and the D-Trust order portal can be found in the detailed FAQ in the support section of this website.

The application of the EU product database EPREL (European Product Registry for Energy Labelling) requires the use of qualified seals. Please order at least one qualified standard seal card (single-seal card, D-Trust Standard seal card) in the D-Trust portal. If you already have a D-Trust Multi-seal card, you can use this card as well.


The seal card is only used once to add a seal to the company registration information stored with EPREL and thereby confirm it. Please note: companies that are already registered must also complete this process.


The use of the D-Trust Qualified Seal ID is not permitted for the EPREL application.

The application of the EU product database EPREL (European Product Registry for Energy Labelling) requires the use of qualified seals. One special feature is the required entry of the “organisation identifier” (pursuant to Standard ETSI EN 319 412-1) in the EU portal interface of the EPREL application.


In order to read out the “organisation identifier” from your D-Trust seal card, you will need the D-Trust Card Assistant software. This will be provided for you as a free download when you order a seal card from D-Trust. Please follow the instructions in the pdf guide on how to read the "organisation identifier for EPREL seal card".


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