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Using eIDAS Trust Services Centrally with the Signature Server

All eIDAS-certified trust services can be operated via just one central application and seamlessly integrated into digital business processes.

One Interface for All Trust Services

Electronic communication and the digitalisation of business processes often use various trust services to protect authenticity, origin, and confidentiality. There are trust services with different classes and security levels depending on the legal requirements. eIDAS-qualified electronic signatures, seals and time stamps are therefore used for documents that require a high level of evidential value to be legally binding. Other processes, e.g. an internal release, may often only require more advanced signatures and seals.

The operation via separate applications is not user-friendly, especially in the case of multi-level processes and several integrated trust services. The D-Trust signature server offers a solution: Use all eIDAS-certified trust services of D-Trust GmbH centrally in one all-round solution. This means that within the environment of the signature server, digital documents are exchanged in the workflow, electronically signed or sealed and also secured for long-term archiving.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • All-in-one – One application for all eIDAS trust services
  • Fast – Time savings thanks to faster signature processes and the use of templates for recurring processes
  • Simple integration – Readily integrated into existing digital processes through various interfaces
  • Customisable – High degree of individual configuration and adaptation to your own corporate design

Product Details

Fast Signature Processes – Internal and External

The signature server enables you to design efficient, end-to-end electronic business processes without media discontinuity. Adapt the digital signing processes to your internal procedures. Save recurring processes with individual templates and complete them in a way that is quick and user-friendly. In addition, obtain digital signatures from external third parties with the signature server – including identification if a qualified electronic signature (QES) is required. This makes it possible to conclude business transactions fully digitally, nearly in real time.

You define delegation rules in the rights and role management within the signature server in the event that a person authorised to sign is absent. This enables seamless further processing of transactions and avoids delays in the signing process due to absences.

Customised Configuration According to Customer Requirements

The signature server is customised according to your wishes: from integrating your logo to designing the application in the colour scheme of your brand. Our sales team will be happy to offer you further customisation options.

Supported Trust Services

The signature server connects the following trust services of D-Trust:

Technical Requirements

The signature server is integrated into your processes via programming interfaces. You decide whether to operate the signature server yourself in your own IT infrastructure or in a data centre of your choice.

An existing user administration such as Microsoft’s Active Directory can also be used for logging in and authentication on the signature server. This allows your employees to use their familiar access data via single sign-on (SSO).

Signature Server in Practice

There are many possible applications for the signature server, including:

  • HR processes in the Human Resources department
  • Electronic contracts
  • Internal release processes
  • Invoice releases
  • Industrial maintenance documentation



Flyer signature server

Frequently Asked Questions

The signature server is your central component for using digital trust services. A web portal allows your users to sign and seal individual documents or entire batches of documents, as well as invite external signatories. Workflows and templates support the handling of recurring processes. And the server’s interfaces allow you to add signatures and seals to existing systems such as document management or HR portals.

The signature server is designed to be very user-friendly. We also pay attention to the optimum ease of operation when implementing individual customer requirements. Nevertheless, we provide you with a user manual to make available to your employees. Should you also have a need for special training for your employees, we will be happy to assist you. Feel free to speak to our sales team in this regard.

The time and effort needed to integrate software solutions like these always depends on how the service is customised. The great advantage of the signature server solution is the ability to adapt the service to your individual needs and requirements. The signature server solution has numerous interfaces (APIs – application programming interfaces) as well as many other options for integrating the signature processes into your existing workflows with relatively little time and effort.

Please contact our sales team by e-mail to discuss your individual requirements and the work involved in the process of integration.

If you are interested in our signature server, please contact the D-Trust sales team by email at

Do you have questions about the signature service?

Our sales team will be happy to assist you. Please feel free to contact us:

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+49 (0)30 2598-0

This is where the signature server comes into action

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