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The management of D-Trust GmbH

The management of D-Trust GmbH comprises Markus Bleher and Jochen Felsner.

Markus Bleher

Portrait photo of Markus Bleher, Managing Director of D-Trust GmbH

Markus Bleher, Managing Director, D-Trust GmbH

Markus Bleher has been Managing Director of D-Trust GmbH since September 2023. The graduate economist previously held management positions at various companies in the telecommunications and healthcare sectors, including the cloud services provider Arkadin (today NTT Communications). Most recently, he managed DQS GmbH and DQS BIT GmbH. The German DQS is one of the largest certifiers of management systems worldwide. One focus of his management activities is business excellence and the associated market-oriented organizational development and digitization.

Jochen Felsner

Jochen Felsner

Jochen Felsner, Managing Director, D‑Trust GmbH

Jochen Felsner has been Managing Director of D-Trust GmbH since January 2024. Previously, he had been Head of Trusted Data Solutions at Bundesdruckerei GmbH since 2018, mainly involved with digitalisation and artificial intelligence. He has been with the Group for ten years in various management roles. He studied industrial engineering and computer science in Berlin and Tokyo and, among other things, advised European companies on digitalisation and IT issues as well as on growth management for over 10 years while at the Boston Consulting Group.