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The management of D-Trust GmbH

The management of D-Trust GmbH comprises Dr. Kim Nguyen and Andrea Kyre LL.M.

Dr. Kim Nguyen

Portrait Dr. Kim Nguyen, Managing Director, D-Trust GmbH

Dr. Kim Nguyen, Managing Director, D‑Trust GmbH

Dr. Kim Nguyen has been Managing Director of D‑Trust GmbH since June 2012. He studied mathematics and physics in Göttingen, Cambridge and Essen, where he received his doctorate in pure mathematics in 2001. Dr. Nguyen then worked at Phillips Semiconductors (now NXP Semiconductors), where he was instrumental in the secure implementation of asymmetric cryptographic algorithms on smart cards. In 2004, Dr. Nguyen joined Bundesdruckerei GmbH, where he has held various positions. Dr. Nguyen has worked in development and marketing, for instance, and was also involved in the implementation of the electronic passport and the new German ID card.

Andrea Kyre LL.M.

Andrea Kyre LL.M. has been managing director of D-Trust GmbH since January 2023. She has also been head of the legal department at Bundesdruckerei GmbH since 2015.