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Digital signing of employment contracts using Zenjob

D-Trust‘s products at work: Zenjob allows student employees to digitally sign temporary employment contracts using a smartphone. The remote electronic signature sign-me was integrated into the Zenjob workflow for this purpose.

Starting situation and goal

At the high-tech start-up recruitment agency Zenjob, students receive job offers on an hourly basis sent directly to their smartphones. Each confirmed job requires a separate employment contract. sign-me has now made printing, scanning, posting and faxing these employment contracts a thing of the past. Since Zenjob is committed to being a paperless company, personnel management of customers and students is handled entirely online. Complete digitalisation – from personnel and job searches to contract processing – hugely reduces the administrative effort for everyone.

Challenge and implementation

Every month, Zenjob places around 8,000 students in companies that are looking for temporary staff. These placements include substitution jobs at cash desks, jobs in the hospitality sector, in hotels or at events. The contracts must be concluded easily, quickly and intuitively – but at the same time they must be secure. This is all possible thanks to sign-me with Video-Ident. Video-Ident enables identification with a variety of ID cards. Following one-time registration and identification, students receive a job offer via an app. The employment contract can then be accessed digitally. Just like with online banking, students receive a text message with a TAN on their smartphone. The contract is signed digitally by entering the TAN. The signed contract is then returned to the employer. In just a few minutes, a registered user can call up a contract on their mobile phone, sign it and take the job.

The introduction of the electronic signature is not only sustainable, it also offers our students a special experience. Contracts can be signed anywhere, quickly and easily using a smartphone. Video-Ident allows us to offer our students – also those with a foreign ID card – even greater flexibility.

Fritz Trott CEO von Zenjob


The combined use of sign-me and Video-Ident is very successful since it enables Zenjob to quickly and easily identify students with foreign ID cards. One advantage of the introduction was that Zenjob, as a start-up, planned all of its processes as digital processes from the very beginning. On the whole, the company’s efficiency has been increased, since no expensive archiving of paper contracts is now required. Students can be placed in jobs in a more secure and faster manner. This not only means greater customer satisfaction for both employers and employees, but also creates a competitive advantage: Zenjob is able to respond quickly and without any red tape, especially to short-notice requests, for instance, in the case of illness or seasonal work. This gives Zenjob a clear advantage over its competitors. The start-up advertises under the motto “no administrative stress for our users”. The sign-me remote digital signature is therefore ideal for start-ups that are planning to or that implement their processes digitally. The advantages of Video-Ident are that it supports a large variety of ID cards, it is flexible both in terms of time and space and it places low demands on the required infrastructure.

About the sign-me remote electronic signature solution

sign-me is Germany’s first remote signature solution on the market. Signing documents with sign-me is quick and easy: Users register once via the sign-me portal and identify themselves with their ID card using the Video-Ident procedure provided by our sales partner Identity TM AG. Video-Ident accepts ID documents from over 150 countries and does not require any special infrastructure such as a card reader. This means that identification is possible everywhere and on all devices, even when on the move. Video-Ident and trained staff guide the user through a joint video session. After successful completion, the user can immediately begin signing digitally. The qualified electronic signature complies with the requirements of the EU’s eIDAS regulation and is therefore legally equivalent to a handwritten signature.

About Zenjob

Zenjob is a technology-orientated personnel recruitment agency that places students with companies on a temporary basis. Using the Zenjob app, students can find and book jobs on an hourly basis and decide when, where and for whom they want to work. As part of this placement service, more than 10,000 student jobs are filled each month in sectors such as logistics, events, retail and catering. The company’s more than 1,100 customers include Karstadt, Vapiano and Mercure Hotels. Zenjob was founded in 2015 by Fritz Trott, Cihan Aksakal and Frederik Fahning in Berlin and currently employs 220 people. Cornelius Rantzau and Arvid Seeberg-Elverfeldt joined the management team in 2017. The service is also available in Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Bonn.