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Innovation hub

Artificial intelligence, virtual identities, new technical possibilities: the experts of the Bundesdruckerei Group develop digital security technologies and solutions for tomorrow's world. To achieve this they use the competencies available in the Group. Interdisciplinary collaboration in the different fields enables new cross-connections and delivers creative answers to questions about the future.

Interdisciplinary collaboration from vision to product

Which trends could shape the next decades, where are new solutions needed? The experts of the Bundesdruckerei Group question the existing and explore technologies for the world of tomorrow. In doing so, they make use of the vast range of expertise in the Innovation Team – from neuroscience, quantum mechanics and. design studies.

Apart from classical topics, such as materials research for secure ID documents, the focus is on digital technologies. The latest projects focus on topics such as mobile solutions and biometric procedures, artificial intelligence as well as quantum technologies and post-quantum cryptography. One central objective of this is to enable people to monitor and control their digital self through self-sovereign identities (SSIs) in an increasingly virtualized living world. To achieve this, Bundesdruckerei is developing trusted ecosystems featuring elements that interlock securely and overcome isolated solutions.

Innovation in the network

Bundesdruckerei Group’s researchers and developers work in a dense network where many innovations are developed in close cooperation with renowned research institutes and companies. This enables new areas of knowledge to be systematically accessed while findings from basic research are transferred into viable technologies, thus accelerating development processes. With endowed professorships, the company drives academic exchange and the promotion of young talent. Our expertise is sought after both in national and international standardization bodies – including working groups of DIN, ISO, ICAO and NIST.

Current topics for the analogue and digital world

Ongoing innovation is at the heart of topics such as secure identities, secure data and secure infrastructures. That’s why, with your security and digitalization in mind, we have set our sights firmly on the future. This section presents background articles, expert tips, videos and podcasts on the topics and future trends that we are working on in the Group.

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