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TIM Card Taxi

Tamper protection for taximeters

D-Trust's TIM Card (Tax Identification Module Card) for taxi companies protects digital transaction recordings in taximeters against manipulation. Thanks to strong encryption, the transaction data recorded cannot be altered.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Protection against taximeter tampering

  • Supports the INSIKA method

  • Additional memory for accounting data and additional security functions

Product details

The TIM Card taxi companies protects taximeter data against manipulation. It supports alls the functions of the so-called INSIKA method based on the latest technical specifications. INSIKA stands for ‘integrated security solution for cash registers processing metered values’.

The specifications of the INSIKA method meet the highest security requirements for business transactions that must be recorded. These include, in particular, the international standards for signature creation devices and all basic requirements of the fiscal authorities. D-Trust's TIM Card also features memory for accounting data and programmed security functions. It supports the special requirements for interfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

The TIM Card, a smart card implemented according to INSIKA Specification, is used to secure all taximeter data that is relevant for accounting: With this card, data manipulation cannot go unnoticed. This is important for taxi operators and allows them to prove that their data management is correct and thus complies with the highest security requirements. The cards are usually issued in dual SIM format. Hence the holder can use the Mini SIM or Micro SIM format as required.

The TIM Card comes with a chip that looks much like a SIM card for mobile phones. It is used in the security unit that is connected to the taximeter. The TIM Card automatically adds an electronic signature to the taximeter data. According to the German Act on Digital Signature, this must be an advanced electronic signature that protects the data against unnoticed manipulation and forgery. 

Please note that only company owners or managing directors can apply for a TIM Card. The cards can be purchased from D-Trust GmbH, a Bundesdruckerei Group company. To receive a card, simply submit your application online at:

The following information and documents must be submitted with your TIM Card application:

  • The name and VAT registration number of your company. This data is then printed on the TIM Card.
  • Personal details the company’s owner or managing director applying for the card.
  • A copy of the letter in which your VAT registration number was issued by the German Federal Tax Agency.

Please send all of these documents to

D-Trust GmbH
Kommandantenstr. 15
10969 Berlin, Germany


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