LDAP Request

LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. It is basically the public telephone directory for digital certificates. Here you can request the status of certificates in the D-Trust repository service.

Certificate request in the D-Trust repository service

If you wish to request the status of certificates in the D-Trust repository service, you can do this in a number of ways:

The following information requested in different clients applies to the D-Trust repository Service:

  • Server name/host name:
  • Connection/port No. 389
  • Search basis/Basis-DN: c=de
  • No encrypted connection, no registration required

Note for Outlook users

In order to enter the D-TRUST directories in Outlook:

  • Click Account Settings in the Tools menu
  • Click New in the Address Book
  • Click Internet Repository Service (LDAP) and then click Continue
  • Enter the server name provided by your Internet service provider (ISP) or system administrator in the Server Name field. If the server entered has password protection, activate the Server Requires Registration checkbox and enter your username and Password
  • Click More Settings
  • Enter under Display Name the name for the LDAP address book that is to be displayed in the Address Book list in the Address Book dialogue field
  • Enter under Connection Details the connection number of the LDAP server provided by the Internet service provider or the system administrator
  • Click the Search tab and change the server settings as required. The setting for the search timeout states the number of seconds which Outlook spends resolving the name in a message for the search in the LDAP repository. You can also limit the number of names listed in the address book that are sent back when the search is successful
  • Go to the Search tab and if the User Defined field under Search Basis is empty, enter the 'distinguished name' provided by the Administrator.
  • Click OKContinue and then Complete.

In order to then import a certificate:

  • Click the 'Address Book' symbol
  • Select 'Search for persons'
  • Select 'Directory' and not 'Personal Address Book'
  • Enter the complete name
  • Click 'Search'
  • Upload the entry found using 'Upload Address Book'. The certificate is now stored locally.
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