New Management Body at D-Trust: Bleher Joins the Management Board

1 September 2023  Markus Bleher is being appointed to the management board of D-Trust GmbH from 1 September. Together with his management colleague Dr Kim Nguyen, who has been leading D-Trust since June 2012, he aims to tap into the growing business opportunities for trust services.

Experience in complex digitalisation projects

Bleher, who holds a degree in economics, brings many years of leadership experience in strategy and organisational development, as well as in marketing, sales, and customer service, to Bundesdruckerei’s subsidiary. He has also successfully led complex digitalisation projects in various industries, including healthcare and telecommunications. Most recently, Bleher served as the Managing Director of DQS GmbH, the largest German certifier of management systems. Here, too, he devoted particular attention to digitalisation and the area of organisational development. He was thus a key contributor to continuous revenue growth and internal process optimisations.

Portrait photo of Markus Bleher, Managing Director of D-Trust GmbH

Markus Bleher, Managing Director of D-Trust GmbH

"A fasctinating task"

“We are very pleased to welcome a leader who brings a wealth of experience, particularly in optimising the organisation of growing companies”, says Dr Stefan Hofschen, CEO of the Bundesdruckerei Group. As part of the management team, Bleher intends to work together with Nguyen to efficiently exploit the growth potential of the secure identities specialist in light of promising market prospects.

“D-Trust is making crucial contributions to the digitalisation of Germany, and it is a fascinating task to be part of this development”, says the new managing director. Given the increasing convergence of the physical and digital worlds, he sees a growing field of activity for the “full-line provider” of trust services: “I am convinced that every process still requiring a physical appearance for personal identification or a signature today will have a digital alternative in the near future.” This applies to the exchange of documents, to the use of electronic signatures, and to many services in public administration and healthcare.

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Berlin-based D-Trust GmbH is a company of the Bundesdruckerei Group. We stand for reliable and powerful solutions in the field of IT security. Technologically mature innovations make us a pioneer for secure digital identities.

Get to know the heads behind D-Trust GmbH. The management of D-Trust GmbH comprises Dr. Kim Nguyen, Markus Bleher and Andrea Kyre LL.M.

Trust is a decisive factor for communication in the digital world and when transmitting sensitive data. As an independent and certified trust service provider, D‑Trust has been listed with the Federal Network Agency since 2016 within the framework of the eIDAS Regulation.