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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about the D-Trust Portal

Here you will find answers to questions that our customers often ask us. 

D-Trust Portal: 

If you want to use the D-Trust portal for the first time, you will need to complete an individual registration. To do this, you will need to enter an email address and a password of your choice.

You can currently order the following products in the D-Trust portal

Signature Cards

Seal Cards 

We are gradually adding more products to the D-Trust portal.

Currently, you can only order a selection of our products in the D-Trust portal. We are gradually adding more products there.

In particular, please note that the order of Signature Cards with a professional attribute, Qualified Seal IDs or Advanced Personal IDs and Advanced Enterprise IDs are not yet available in the portal.

You will find the links to the products that cannot be ordered in the D-Trust portal in the overview with the links to our order portals.

You need the data from your valid personal ID document for each order. Please have your ID document ready before applying.

If an organisation is to be included in the certificate, data on the organisation (e.g. commercial register number or information on authorised representatives) will also be requested during the application process.

You will find a detailed list of the required data in our step-by-step instructions.

Personal identification is required for most products. However, the possible identification methods may vary. Not all identification methods are certified for every product. You can find out which selection is possible for your desired product in the application form.

As a rule, the following options are available for identifying yourself when applying for our qualified products:

  • PostIdent procedure (eID or branch):
    You fill out your application documents and have yourself identified at a post office using the PostIdent procedure. Alternatively, you can enter the PostIdent procedure number from the coupon you received in the PostIdent app during the order process. This will provide you with fast and convenient identification using the online ID function of your German ID card.
  • NotarIdent procedure:
    Complete your application documents and confirm your identity using a notary. 
  • BotschaftsIdent procedure:
    Complete your application documents and confirm your identity using a German embassy abroad.
  • OfficerIdent or BehördenIdent procedure:
    By offering various procedures, we allow organisations with a higher demand of signature or seal cards to identify their own employees or customers on site themselves. This procedure is only available in selected areas of the D-Trust portal. 
  • D-Trust Ident procedure:
    We sometimes offer customers the opportunity to identify themselves on site at D-Trust in Berlin. This procedure is only available in selected areas of the D-Trust portal.

A shop code enables your organisation to offer its own section in the D-Trust portal, if required. For instance, this section may include a limited product selection or special identification procedures.

The shop code works like a key for accessing your organisation’s area. Please enter the shop code once after you have logged into the D-Trust portal. To do this, select “+Shop” in the navigation bar. After visiting this page for the first time, your organisation’s shop will automatically appear every time you visit the website and will remain there. You must always be registered and logged in to use the application portal and a shop code.

Yes. The D-Trust portal gives you an overview of the respective order steps within your personal account. After you log in, all steps are displayed in the dashboard directly with the respective order. 

At the end of the order process, you will also be provided with a checklist for downloading. This serves as an aid for further processing of your application and for your personal identification.

You can see the current status of your order at any time after logging in to the Dashboard or on your personal order overview under “My Orders”. Here you will be shown the individual intermediate steps, from checking your application to producing the card to sending it to you.

The meaning of your order’s status information is as follows:

  • Open (blue): Your order has been submitted in the portal, and various documents are available to you to download. D-Trust is waiting for you to send your application and identification information.
  • Waiting (red): An error was detected while checking your information, or your information is not yet complete. Our customer service team will contact you. Your card cannot be produced at this stage.
  • In Production (yellow): The certificate data is being created by D-Trust, and the card will soon be produced.
  • Dispatched (yellow): Your card has been sent by registered post. You will receive your card in the next few days.
  • Completed (green): The order has been fully processed, and all the information (card & PIN letter) has been delivered to you. You can now find all information in the portal under “My Products”. Completed orders are moved from the order overview to the archive.

You can find your current product status in the Dashboard or your personal order overview under “My products”. The validities of your cards are displayed here.

Products can be active or inactive.

  • Active: The product is available and valid.
  • Inactive: The product certificate is either expired or it has been revoked.

Products are displayed with the following status:

  • Valid (green): The product is ready to be used.
  • Not activated (blue): The product is still awaiting the activation of certificates. For orders via the D-Trust portal, certificates are automatically activated approx. 24 h after being sent.
  • Revocation in progress (red): Revocation was actively requested via the D-Trust portal. The system takes a few minutes to process this task. This view can be updated manually if necessary.
  • Revoked (red): The product has been revoked by the user or by a third person authorised to revoke the product.

No, because the D-Trust portal offers you individual options, such as for revoking your personal certificate products or for lodging a complaint about them. If you were to share an account, third parties would have access to your data.  That is why it is mandatory for each applicant to use his or her own account in the D-Trust portal.

You can purchase additional products for your signature or seal card, such as readers, in the shop for D-Trust customers at REINER SCT.

Please report the loss of a card to D-Trust immediately. The same applies if you suspect misuse of a card. In such cases, you should have the card revoked immediately.

Information about revocation can be found here.

Please contact our call and support centre if you want to delete your account for the D-Trust portal. Our colleagues here will be glad to help you. You can reach the service team on Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at +49 (0)30 2598-0 or by e-mail at

Do you have any further questions?

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