Ordering the eHPC from professional chambers

The electronic health professional card (eHPC) is issued by the respective chambers, gematik GmbH and the electronic health professional register (eGBR). The process for ordering the eHPC varies depending on the sector and chamber.

In some cases when applying for an eHPC, the applicant must first register with the portal of the respective chamber in order to receive a reference number. With other chambers, the eHPC can be ordered with a blank application directly on D-Trust’s online Application Portal

For other pharmacy professions (such as EU mail-order pharmacists, pharmacy engineers and pharmacy assistants), the eHPC can be ordered directly with a blank application in the Application Portal of D-Trust.

People working in unlicensed professions must submit their professional license for confirmation to the eGBR and to receive a transaction number.

You can find out whether your chamber assigns transaction numbers or if you can apply directly to trust service provider D-Trust or how you can register with the eGBR in the following overview:

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